Funny Video of The Week

Approach this one with caution, you’ll still be humming the tune this time next week.

How not to injure your penis!

The adults of the United States seem unusually prone to injuring their genitals.

142,144 of them reported to hospital with injured genitals between 2002 and 2010.

That’s an awful lot of discomfort and snickering nurses.  Art seems to imitate life in this case, as apparently zips feature prominently, but apparently bikes are the biggest culprit. While not lethal, crossbars are unheralded instruments of torture.

Maybe it’s time to switch permanently to a dutch style town bike, just in case . . .

How to wear a Loincloth?

For most of human history, a loin cloth was all anyone wore. Well that’s what historians believe, though we can’t be sure. No one took any photos.

Still though, tens of thousands of years worth of humans can’t be wrong, can they? The loincloth in all its various guises must have something going for it. So what are those guises?

Bargain Basement:

A long narrow strip of material, really long, like 10ft long, and well that’s it. To wear it leave the first third wide, then twist the back to make them thinner. The flat wide bit is placed to the front covering the goods with enough left over to make an “attractive” flap. The twisted bit is wedged into your butt crack, then wrapped around your waist. As it wraps around your waist, it catches the penis covering bit and the attractive flap folds over the top becoming flap like in the process. The twisted bit finishes its wrapping at the top of your butt crack where you can tie it off in a variety of interesting ways, including making it into a second flap.

On the plus side, it’s one piece of material with no extras on the negative, unless you’re a fan of wads of material being wedged in your butt crack, it’s not the most comfortable.

Bargain Basement +

This is the same as the bargain basement model, with one nifty addition, a belt. I can only guess that it took our ancestors a few thousand years to come up with this improvement, but oh what an improvement. No more hefty bits of material wedged into your butt crack and while I haven’t tested it, I assume it’s easier to go to the bathroom.

And if that description isn’t good enough, you can watch this (NSFW) video on how to put on a bargain basement loincloth.

Good luck!


Funny Video of the Week

There’s something about condom commercials that allows ad agencies to let their imaginations run riot, usually with excellent results for us.

This weeks funny video is no exception:

Underpants and Sperm Count

Grey Briefs, Men's Underwear

Do these help you not make babies?

Does the wrong underwear make you infertile?

Since we’re looking at stock and suppliers right now, that’s a question I’ve been taking a brief glance at this week.

First off, there are an amazing number of people who seem to have made answering this question their life’s work. To save you doing the research, this is apparently the best study.

The results:

Mean scrotal temperature plus or minus standard deviation was 33.8 ± 0.8C and 33.6 ± 1.1C in the boxer and brief group, respectively. There were no significant temperature differences between the groups. Differential temperatures comparing core to scrotal temperature and semen parameters also were not significantly different. These observations remained constant in the crossover group.

I mean who can argue with that?

Well I might, just for the excuse to use the term “scrotal temperature”.

Funny Video of the Week

No men in underwear this time, just men doing manly things


woah Nellie!

The Shopping Trip

Shopping in Dublin

A “quick” trip into town

The unfortunate thing about setting up an online shop for people who don’t like shopping, i.e. people like us, is that as its owners, we are being forced to do a considerable amount of shopping.

Today was one of those shopping trips.

Sunday afternoon spent wandering various Dublin Department stores, looking at mens underwear, with occasional breaks to look at socks. The joys . . .

Anyway, a thorough inventory of the competition has been taken. The best of what they have has been noted. An initial “must have” stock list compiled, now all we need is suppliers.

Funny Video of the Week

I’ve watched this at least ten times, and I still laugh, every. single. time.